Drawn using Alias Sketchbook. An art program many of us at the studio have been playing around with. Another good one is ArtRage if you like a more painted look.


  1. I like the end result. Just curious, how long did it take to create this picture using this program, and how long did it take to learn the program?

    Just curious, I do like the end result.

  2. I messed around with this thing on and off for about three days while my scenes rendered. So maybe, oh I dunno, two and a half to three hours (accumulative). As for time learning the program: It's very intuitive. Any monkey can figure it out, I did, and learned it doin' this pic.

  3. nice ddk. can i have that program toooooooo..... i wanna play

  4. this slays.
    And the whiskers and horns make it even more slayinger.
    I'm slewn.
    Um...take out the black squiggles on the side.