It sure would be nice to have more than one pic to
work from when doin' up these things. It kind of creeps
people out if I do too much staring, not that I care.



Lately I've been overcome with a fascination for caricature art.
Because of this, I started to study the works of Kruger, Seiler,
Drucker, Hirschfeld, Moyse and other accomplished caricaturists.
I haven't yet nailed the finer points and subtle essence of my
subjects so cut me some slack, I've just started.
My influence tends to lean heavily toward Jason Seiler's style
as I bought his book and my friend, Stephanie gave me his CD.
I'll post one a day until all of my coworkers have been caricatured
or until they catch on and beat me to death with my Cintiq.